Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vancouver, BC

 The Vancouver shops below are listed in order of how well i liked them
June 2010. Vancouver, BC.  
Neptoon Records. A good shop with a nice selection of all genres. Friendly staff. Prices are slightly on the high end as is the case with most of the shops in Vancouver, however in this shop they have a big selection of bargain priced LP's. I lucked out here finding lots of good stuff to take home. Picked up a cool Kiss Alive! LP, a couple Sammy Hagar and some promos. Canadian pressings. Nobody is giving these pressings away up in Canada as the prices will reflect. 3561 Main st. Vancouver, BC Canada.

Lotusland. This shop is a vintage hi-fi shop but they also have some bargain bin LP's here and there, not super organized but the best prices I found in Vancouver. Picked up some Johnny Winter LP's and several other Canadian pressings. Check this place out for sure. 2660 Alma street. Vancouver.

Audiopile. After hitting about 11 shops in one day, this was my last stop and i caught them about an hour before closing time. the owner guy was friendly and helpful. I found a few LP's, again prices were up there. they have a pretty good selection of used vinyl here so be sure to stop by and see what they have. 2016 Commercial drive, Vancouver, BC Canada.

Zulu Records. Good shop with pretty high prices. i did manage to find a few relative bargains though. 1972 W. 4th Ave Vancouver. Worth stopping by for sure.

Red Cat Records. They had a pretty decent selection of LP’s but there was nothing here for me on this day, I spent no money and little time in here. 

Scratch Records. A cool punk rock record shop. Decent prices. The owner or the guy working there was cool.

Vinyl records. 319 W. Hastings. This was my first stop of the day and boy was it a doozy. Here’s how it went down. I walk into the store and this guy has all his on sale used vinyl just inside the front door. The prices were like CAN$8-10. OK, then I look at the condition and they are all scratched and fucked up. I laugh to myself and walk deeper into La-La land and this is when the real entertainment started. This nut has thousands of dusty totally beat up shitty records all over his large shop, I’m like pulling out common .99 cent records and he’s got them priced at $10, $15, $25 each. WTF? Is this guy smoking crack? I’m looking to the left and to the right of me so I can share this hilarious moment in time with anybody. Shit, too bad, nobody around…so I take the only record I could bring myself to buy, an $8 Robin Trower LP to the front counter, the owner guy with the bad attitude says he doesn’t accept credit cards and I didn’t have any Canadian dollars yet, so I leave Robin Trower there on the counter, bye-bye asshole. I asked around town about this guy at a few other shops and they all laughed and had their own little take on this character. Nobody knows how he can stay in business, but one theory is that his shop is near downtown so the tourists buy from him because they don’t know any better. So unless you want to go in there for a laugh at his shit inventory and stupid prices, avoid this one, a total waste of time.

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