Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nice, France

2010 October.  Nice, France  Shop: Hit Import   I didn't get a photo of Hit Import but on the way to Hit Import we did see THIS GUY! OH MAN....Check out that fucking MULLET. Holy Shit. He had a full on Elvis like pompadour and then this 18 inch mullet thing going on around back. And this guy was totally serious, I mean, he thinks hes so cool. I tried to sneak a photo of him but he knew he was being watched, so I all I was able to manage was this I'm gonna stab you in the back shot. oh yea, Hit Import had a very small selection of LP's, about 4 or 5 bins, but I did buy about 4 records, good prices at about 4 euro each, picked up a couple AC/DC and Angel Lp's. There may be more, but this was the only vinyl shop I could find in town, this place is worth a look.

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