Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Berkeley, CA

2010 July - Berkeley, CA.  Amoeba Records. All the Amoeba stores are good, for me, this one is the least best of them though. Pretty weak selection of used vinyl. On this particular day I found nothing of interest so I walked over to Rasputin.
Rasputin. I prefer this place over Amoeba. I did much better here. Found a cool ass Led Zep boot and bought a Sabbath DVD. Lots of collectible vinyl all over the walls in the vinyl room. The owner has plenty of really nice pinball machines upstairs, be sure to check those out. 2401 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA 94704.  They have 9 locations in Northern California, other than this and the SF location i don't know how good or bad the other 7 stores might be, perhaps somebody could comment here and let me know.

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