Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vancouver, BC

 The Vancouver shops below are listed in order of how well i liked them
June 2010. Vancouver, BC.  
Neptoon Records. A good shop with a nice selection of all genres. Friendly staff. Prices are slightly on the high end as is the case with most of the shops in Vancouver, however in this shop they have a big selection of bargain priced LP's. I lucked out here finding lots of good stuff to take home. Picked up a cool Kiss Alive! LP, a couple Sammy Hagar and some promos. Canadian pressings. Nobody is giving these pressings away up in Canada as the prices will reflect. 3561 Main st. Vancouver, BC Canada.

Lotusland. This shop is a vintage hi-fi shop but they also have some bargain bin LP's here and there, not super organized but the best prices I found in Vancouver. Picked up some Johnny Winter LP's and several other Canadian pressings. Check this place out for sure. 2660 Alma street. Vancouver.

Audiopile. After hitting about 11 shops in one day, this was my last stop and i caught them about an hour before closing time. the owner guy was friendly and helpful. I found a few LP's, again prices were up there. they have a pretty good selection of used vinyl here so be sure to stop by and see what they have. 2016 Commercial drive, Vancouver, BC Canada.

Zulu Records. Good shop with pretty high prices. i did manage to find a few relative bargains though. 1972 W. 4th Ave Vancouver. Worth stopping by for sure.

Red Cat Records. They had a pretty decent selection of LP’s but there was nothing here for me on this day, I spent no money and little time in here. 

Scratch Records. A cool punk rock record shop. Decent prices. The owner or the guy working there was cool.

Vinyl records. 319 W. Hastings. This was my first stop of the day and boy was it a doozy. Here’s how it went down. I walk into the store and this guy has all his on sale used vinyl just inside the front door. The prices were like CAN$8-10. OK, then I look at the condition and they are all scratched and fucked up. I laugh to myself and walk deeper into La-La land and this is when the real entertainment started. This nut has thousands of dusty totally beat up shitty records all over his large shop, I’m like pulling out common .99 cent records and he’s got them priced at $10, $15, $25 each. WTF? Is this guy smoking crack? I’m looking to the left and to the right of me so I can share this hilarious moment in time with anybody. Shit, too bad, nobody around…so I take the only record I could bring myself to buy, an $8 Robin Trower LP to the front counter, the owner guy with the bad attitude says he doesn’t accept credit cards and I didn’t have any Canadian dollars yet, so I leave Robin Trower there on the counter, bye-bye asshole. I asked around town about this guy at a few other shops and they all laughed and had their own little take on this character. Nobody knows how he can stay in business, but one theory is that his shop is near downtown so the tourists buy from him because they don’t know any better. So unless you want to go in there for a laugh at his shit inventory and stupid prices, avoid this one, a total waste of time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seattle, WA

For me, there are 3 shops in SEA that matter. 
2010 June and December.  
Jive Time. Cool little shop, the owner is friendly and knows a lot about music and records. He spins Vinyl in the store. I found some cool records here, some Blondie, Bowie and Stones boots, as well as some cool imports. Prices are reasonable. 3506 Fremont Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103. They have another location in an antique shop down the street don't waste your time there, just lots of common LP's.

Silver Platters. Another good one. The Queen Anne store pictured here is best. 701 5th Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109. It just so happened the day I was here they were shooting some kind of commercial in the parking lot with the store staff. They have a pretty big selection of used vinyl here with lots of high end collectible vinyl on the wall up front. I've found some gems in this joint. They also have lots of new/used DVD and CD's. They have 3 locations. Don't waste your time at the Northgate location, it sucks. Never been to the Bellevue location, perhaps someone could clue me in on what's happening there.
Georgetown Records. Good shop. Good selection of vinyl. I dropped some $ on them. Nice people. Reasonably priced. I picked up some boots, some imports, a Fripp 7" and some cool Clash 45's.  1201 S. Vale Street, Seattle, WA 98108. Apparently they do some live shows there as well.

Honorable Mentions:

Bop Street Records. This shop is huge, the hyper owner is very helpful and friendly, I found a couple of records here, prices are on the high end. Owner claims to have more than 200,000 LP's here. There sure are a lot of them. The shelves on the wall are awesome. 2220 NW Market St (between N 22nd Ave & N Ballard Ave) Seattle, WA 98107.
Easy Street Records and Cafe. They have 2 locations. Lots of 2nd hand CD's and DVD. Neither store has an awesome selection of 2nd hand vinyl, but this West Seattle location is better than the other. This location has a cool cafe right inside the shop. Check out the menu, lots of music related named dishes. 4559 California Ave SW # 200, Seattle, WA. The  location over in Queen Anne is pretty lame as far as vinyl goes.

Wall of Sound. was OK, I bought a Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" German import LP here, it's a nice average shop.

Radar Hair and Records. OK, this place was fucking hilarious! A hair salon and record shop? WTF?!  Unique, I will give them that. I just happened to spot this place while driving by, made a big ass U-turn and had a look inside. A big loft space. Only in Seattle, right up there with the "non violent karate" place I saw in SEA. The record selection sucked but I highly recommend just going there to have a look around inside. They have cool vintage games and other items for sale as well as a cool wall of vintage Kiss framed photos, vintage speakers, bikes and lots of other fun stuff, plus you can get a trim while your there. 2724 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Berkeley, CA

2010 July - Berkeley, CA.  Amoeba Records. All the Amoeba stores are good, for me, this one is the least best of them though. Pretty weak selection of used vinyl. On this particular day I found nothing of interest so I walked over to Rasputin.
Rasputin. I prefer this place over Amoeba. I did much better here. Found a cool ass Led Zep boot and bought a Sabbath DVD. Lots of collectible vinyl all over the walls in the vinyl room. The owner has plenty of really nice pinball machines upstairs, be sure to check those out. 2401 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA 94704.  They have 9 locations in Northern California, other than this and the SF location i don't know how good or bad the other 7 stores might be, perhaps somebody could comment here and let me know.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Berlin, Germany

Die Mauer, Brandenburg Gate und Checkpoint Charlie 

German Kiss Alive!

 2010 October. Berlin, Germany. As for Record shopping in Berlin, there were only two shops I went to that I actually purchased records. One was Cover Music. A good selection of used LP's and 45's. Prices weren't too crazy, however the prices at all the other shops I went to in Berlin, and I went to plenty, were crazy. 20, 30, 40 euro each. Cover Music: Kurf├╝rstendamm 11, Berlin 10719. I picked up some Foghat, Stones and some other classic rock LP's for 10 euros each or less.

This is the best thing going in Berlin as far as record shopping goes. The flea markets and there are about 20 different ones, some better than others. LP's for 10 euros or less are common.

Barcelona, Spain

2010 October. Barcelona, Spain  You can find cool stuff like this at flea markets, this guy had his high end records for sale at a antique flea market down by the harbor. Don't try taking the record out of the sleeve though, you'll get yelled at. He also has a small shop. He must be very proud of his records because they are super expensive and some are super scratchy.

For vinyl, I found that there are about 4 shops worth going to in Barcelona. Wah Wah, (pictued above) Riera Baixa 14 08001 Barcelona. which is a good shop. Picked up a Dead Kennedy's promo 7" and a few cool boots like The Pretenders and The Tubes, quite a few Spanish pressings as well. Also, Revolver, Impacto and Edison's. Edison's was my favorite. I spent lots of time and lots of money in that shop. Impacto and Revolver are owned by the same people. Revolver has vinyl upstairs, I found some gems there. Edison's had the best prices and a good selection. I was mainly after Spanish pressings and found plenty in Barcelona, don't expect too many bargains though.

Carrer de la Riera Baixa 9/10
08001 Barcelona
Various record shop bags from Europe trip.

Nice, France

2010 October.  Nice, France  Shop: Hit Import   I didn't get a photo of Hit Import but on the way to Hit Import we did see THIS GUY! OH MAN....Check out that fucking MULLET. Holy Shit. He had a full on Elvis like pompadour and then this 18 inch mullet thing going on around back. And this guy was totally serious, I mean, he thinks hes so cool. I tried to sneak a photo of him but he knew he was being watched, so I all I was able to manage was this I'm gonna stab you in the back shot. oh yea, Hit Import had a very small selection of LP's, about 4 or 5 bins, but I did buy about 4 records, good prices at about 4 euro each, picked up a couple AC/DC and Angel Lp's. There may be more, but this was the only vinyl shop I could find in town, this place is worth a look.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Genova, Italy

2010 October. Genova, Italy  Shop: Record Runners  The only second hand LP shop in town that I could find. Nice people, nice small shop, they were in the middle of expanding or remodeling when I was there. High prices. I bought one Joe Jackson LP, a Yugo pressing for 10 Euros and nothing else. One of the owners gave me an Iron Maiden collector book he wrote. Nice thick book, grazie.

Milan, Italy

PIL promo

2010, October. Milan, Italy. Shop: Metropolis Dischi. I had been to this same shop before, way back in 1995. It was a good shop then and it's still a good shop. They keep all of their 2nd hand vinyl downstairs. A good selection of just about every rock category. Prices are on the steep end as is the case with most of the European record shops. The staff is helpful. They do take an afternoon siesta of some sort, I showed up at 2 pm and had to wait until almost 4 before they opened the doors. I was waiting for them to show up, killing time next door at a Chinese coffee shop not knowing the owner of the record shop was sitting right there in the same coffee shop with his homie drinking those microscopic cups of espresso. whatever. When he finally opened the doors, (and allowed me downstairs) he had some nice stuff so I dropped some Euros on him. They also took the time to get on the horn and find me a shop in Genova since I would be there the next day. That's them in he back of the shop on the left side of photo and on the far back wall, that's where the really expensive stuff lives.

Zurich, Switzerland

French pressing

Dutch pressing
2010 October Zurich, Switzerland Shop: Katalog Records. A good used shop, LP’s are either high priced like north of 18 francs or cheap like 5 francs. if a record has no price tag on it, its 5 francs. I did rather well in this shop with lots of European pressings such as the 1st Blizzard of Ozz and a Black Sabbath Vol 4 LP. Picked up a few 7" euro pressings like Sweet and Neil Diamond for 2 francs each. Friendly staff who also accepted Euros.


I’ve been collecting Vinyl for many years. Mildly obsessed. I travel quite a bit and when I travel to a new place, the first thing I do is find all the second hand Vinyl shops, flea markets, etc and I go to as many as possible. I collect bootlegs, imports, promos and rarities, LP's and 7"s. I listen to and collect classic rock, rock, metal and punk...mostly. With this blog I hope to share with you my record buying adventures and experiences.