Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oklahoma City, OK

Yes, the Lips have their own alley in Bricktown
 The people in Oklahoma sure are nice. There are several good record shops in OK City which I will list below in order of how well I liked them.

Guestroom Records - 
They have 3 locations. The main one is at Western and 36th. This store is pretty awesome. I picked up a whole bunch of cool LP's. 3 Devo boots, one CCR boot, one Clash boot, a Bowie boot, a Roxy Music boot and a Paul McCartney and Wings "Band on the Run" LP with the poster and in the original shrink. They go deep and are well stocked with all sorts of new and used vinyl. They also have CD's. Spend about $100 or more and they will give you a free hippy tote bag with the store logo on it to carry your LP's away in.
This place is a must see if you are in town or just passing through. Friendly staff, great selection of LP's. Highly recommended. 3701 N. Western in OK City.

wow. it must be true
The other OK City location is in Bricktown located in the ACM@UCO building. This location is small and most of the LP's are new. A small selection of CD's as well. I didn't find anything worthwhile here. 25 S. Oklahoma st. #101, OK City.

They also have a new location in Norman, OK which I did not have the time to check out but I was told it is larger than the Bricktown location but smaller than the Western and 36th location.

Some of the mess
Want a soda?
Size Records - 
This guy has lots of stuff in his shop, vintage soda pop, Japanese figurines, posters, books, shirts and all sorts of other stuff. The place could be a way better shop if the owner took a little more pride in his place of business. He has good stock but the place is a mess. In vinyl he did have some great looking Led Zep bootlegs. On this day I didn't find anything I wanted, well, the Zep boots would have been real nice and I'm sure they would have been very happy living in my house, but they were priced starting at $50 and went up way over $100 each. Go get em, I left them there. The owner is friendly and helpful. Recommended. 8915 N Western.

Trolley Stop Record Shop -
Just happened to be driving by this one. I went inside and they told me they had only been open a couple of weeks. The shop looked like it too. Must have been a soft grand opening because they had just gotten around to alphabetizing the LP's the day before. They had a few cool items, it's a place you will have to dig a bit though. Some vintage rock magazines in the back room. I did buy 2 Lenny Bruce red vinyl LP's at a good price. When you walk in the front door 4 dogs will greet you. The 2 owners seem like older hippy types and are super friendly. Check them out at 1807 N. Classen Blvd

Yup, it's here in OK City

Monday, December 12, 2011

Albuquerque, NM

Train /bus station
Central Ave - Old Route 66
Cops parked in Old Town
Albuquerque is a really nice city. The people are very nice too, although they seemed to me to drive pretty aggressively. At over 5,000 feet it gets really cold in the winter. All of the happening bars and clubs are on Central Ave. They close off the street late at night so all the party people can stumble around without being hit. Taco trucks park on the street and it's all pretty cool. I hit all the record shops I could find in town and have listed them in order of importance below.

Charley's 33's and CD's
Vintage clothing
LP section at Charley's
Floyd - "Tongue Tied and Twisted" boot front cover
Back cover

Collectible vinyl wall and owner Colleen

Charley’s 33’s and CD’s -  
So I walk into this shop and they are cranking Queen’s “Brighton Rock”. All right were getting off to a good start here. Apparently I arrived at the right time because they played the whole album. It put me in a buying mood. They have all genres here. A good used vinyl selection. They even have some new vinyl, used CD’s, vintage clothing and all sorts of other cool things for sale. In the used rock LP bins I found a UFO “Lights Out” German pressing and a Foghat “Live” Benelux pressing. They have the more collectable LP’s up above the CD isles and also a whole wall of collectable LP’s behind the counter. There I found a triple disc Pink Floyd bootleg. The owner Coleen gave me a discount on that. We talked for a while about the state of the music business and her shop, which while an employee she purchased a few years ago from Charley himself. She has done a great job with the store. I highly recommend this shop, not only is Colleen super friendly, helpful and cool but the place has the best selection of vinyl in Albuquerque. Highly recommended. 7702 Menaul Blvd

German pressing of the Queen boot "Halfpence"
 We Buy Music – 
Stocked with lots of LP’s. The store is kind of disorganized. I mean the owner could do a much better job with what he has but I get the feeling he has a mild case of hoarditis. A nice helpful guy though. I was in a bit of a hurry so I only spent about 30 minutes here flipping through his LP’s. I came away with a cool Queen German bootleg that I have never seen before. All styles represented and a pretty good jazz section. Prices just a bit on the high end. If you have time to dig this place is definitely worth checking out. He told me he has another room he referred to as the “bone yard” where there is thousands of $2 LP’s he said were in really good condition. I was in a hurry so I passed on the bone yard. Recommended. 5203 Lomas Blvd NE.


Nob Hill Music – 
 A super small shop run by two nice guys. They have a small selection of all styles. I wasn’t expecting much but did pick up a ZZ Top double LP boot. They were really cool about me taking a picture of the inside of their shop unlike some of the D-bags I encounter. They asked what I was looking for and took my number in case they get any of that stuff in. Awesome. The people in Albuquerque are really nice. Recommended. 3419 Central NE Albuquerque, NM.

Behind the counter hoarding Mecca
Mecca Music and Books -
When I first walked into this place, based on the overall fullness of the shop and the clutter all about I thought there might be some good stuff buried in there. Not the case. The prices are good, in the $3 to $8 range but then again those are common LP’s. The place is worth a look if your in town, be prepared to dig a little. The owner was friendly, not to me but to the other customers he had in the shop. Me? He didn't acknowledge me, that’s OK because I know what I want and I don’t need help. I was reading online about how other people go into this shop and are bummed out that the owner isn't friendly enough, or kissing their ass good enough, don’t take it personal, it's just the way he is, no big deal.

The shop also has a bunch of books and other things like used turntables and stuff. The area behind the counter made a big impression with me, the guy has shit piled up all over the place and man, I just had to get a photo of that and I did totally sneak one. There better not be an earthquake in Albuquerque during business hours cause this guy will be buried alive. 1404 Central Ave SW.

Krazy Kat Records, Tapes and CD’s –
So I read that this shop got busted by the Feds in 2008 for selling burned CD copies. WTF? This kat must be krazy, how in the hell do you get caught up in that sort of business? What a total dick move. Otherwise known as selling counterfeits. Somebody must have dropped a dime on his ass and the F.B.I. and RIAA showed up to party.

Anyway, there were customers in this small shop looking through the CD’s. I didn’t stick around long enough to see if they were official or not since the vinyl selection was pretty thin and the few LP’s that may have been of interest were way overpriced. Not recommended. 1307 Eubanks. 

Natural Sound – I spent 5 minutes in here, tops and found nothing except high prices and I looked through pretty much everything. Small shop not worth looking into. 205 Wellesley.

Record Roundup – There  is no vinyl in this shop, don’t waste your time here. 2529 San Mateo Blvd. NE.

Here is one place I will recommend. The Frontier Restaurant. Open everyday 5am to 1 am. Good food and an interesting atmosphere. Lots of artwork on the walls. The tortillas are awesome. They have Coke machines with over 100 different flavors. 2400 Central Ave SE.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pasadena, CA

Pasadena City College Flea Market – Record Swap
The first Sunday each month from 8am to 3pm. The Record Swap area is located on the 3rd level of the Lot 5 parking structure. They have about 50 vendors selling the usual stuff, many vendors are the same people who sell at the Orange County swap but there are many who are different. LP’s dominate but there is a little or a lot of everything including CD’s, DVD’s even a couple of vendors selling bootleg CD’s and DVD. I have been coming to this swap for more than 20 years and it’s still good. Admission is free but you do have to pay a couple bucks to park your car. Pay for parking at the automated machines, then follow the signs or the people to the flea market. This event is contained within the Flea Market which primarily sells antiques and collectibles. Some of the antique flea market is in the parking structure out of the sun the rest of it, about two parking lots worth are outdoors It’s always fun to walk around and check out the rest of the flea market after record shopping. Highly recommended.  1570 E. Colorado Blvd. 
The record flea market area

Outdoor antique areas

Poo Bah Record Shop - This shop was much better back when it was on Walnut Street, They haven't had much in the way of good used vinyl since they moved to this location many years ago. But if you are in town, or at the PCC Flea Market, may as well stop in and see for yourself. 2636 E. Colorado Blvd.


Penny Lane Records - This shop has closed down. It is now located in Upland, CA at 1551 W. 13th St. #107. Starting June 23, 2012 they are having a record swap every Saturday. We shall see. They are also only open on Saturdays now 10-5.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange County, CA

Greater Orange County Record Show - Show hours 10am - 3pm, $3. Early 7am admission $8. I have been going to this show for many, many years. I have hardly ever walked out without buying something. Found some real gems here too. They have been having this monthly show for the past 26 years now and they claim there are 93 tables. There are lots of dealers from all over. All genres are represented here. You can also buy record protection supplies like plastic sleeves from Far West Record supply here. Several local and regional retail shops sell here as well. They have hourly raffles where they call out names of people that drop their direct mail postcard in a box at the door, you can win up to $50 that is good for any dealer at the show. I won one time. Remember it well, I spent my winnings on a rare Husker Du LP. This place is cool, you can of course try and bargain with the sellers.

It says on their postcard NO BOOTLEG MATERIAL WILL BE SOLD. not totally accurate, there are some boots, you just have to look. There is usually at least one bootlegger here selling CD and DVD product.

If you are from out of town and plan to come to this show, here's a tip: If you time it right, you can hit this OC show (which is the last Sunday of the month) and a show at the Pasadena City College the following weekend (first Sunday of the month). The PCC record show is contained within the very large antique flea market which is also fun to check out. There are some of the same dealers at both, but many different ones as well.

Highly Recommended. UFCW Hall  8530 Stanton Ave. Buena Park, CA

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